Lily Nell Warren's Mother, a creative artist, writer, singer, and actor

Biography of Ruthe L. Warren

Ruthe L. Warren, nee Sherman was born in New York City, Queens, January 9, 1931 of Lillian and Leon Sherman. Ruthe grew up in Manhattan. As a teenager, Ruthe collected pictures of movie stars. To see some of her Idols Click on Idols (only if you have high speed access). Her father was a partner in the Kay-Sherman Luggage business at 46th street and Fifth Avenue. The Shermans spent summers at their country house in Woodstock, New York. At a young age, Ruthe earned life-saving medals in swimming while attending summer camp, where she was active in sports and theater. She attended Russell Sage College (BA) in Troy, NY and Columbia University (MA). She was a vital member of the class of '52, where she organized the "Sagettes."

Whenever a song was to be composed, a script written for a class play or the annual Rally Day performance, Ruthe was an important and tireless participant. Her creative talents were exceptional. She was a valued member of her class and is sincerely missed by caring friends. After graduation Ruthe cared for her sick father, and raised and exhibited standard poodles. During Ruthe's lifetime, she studied classical piano and was pretty good, but never followed it. While home, she attended the Woodstock Artists' School, where she painted purple cows and colorful clowns. She was a free-lance reporter for the Ulster Townsman, Woodstock Times, and the Kingston Freeman.

She wrote the first articles about Clarence Schmidt and his "junk yard" museum on Ohayo Mountain, Woodstock, and about Father Francis, a defrocked Cathlic Bishop who came to Woodstock from Chicago and built the Old English Church on Overlook Mountain.

Their claw marks remain at eye level on the kitchen door to this day. Ruthe took her dogs to dog shows across the country and successfully competed for prizes. We still have panels of ribbons they won. Watching dog shows in recent years she recognized many of the Judges who had been her handlers years ago!

She always took good care of her looks and clothes. But like many of her time she smoked, ate well, and was not overly athletic. She became very anemic at the time of her daughter's birth. She had a minor thyroid problem and in later years developed diabetis, sleep apnia, and experienced the effects of mini-strokes (TIAs). In the end she had to have constant help, oxygen 24/7, insulin, and medicine for chronic heart failure. Ruthe died Monday evening, September 18, 2006 at the Kingston Hospital. She is buried in the Woodstock Artists Cemetery.

When I married Ruthe in 1972, her resume identified her as an actress, commedienne, and singer (by Donald Warren):

She listed her height: 5' 3"; Size: 14; Eyes: Brown; Hair: Blond.

Stock:       Woodstock Playhouse, Rangely Lakes Playhouse, Belgrade Lakes Playhouse, Phoenica Playhouse, Chichester Playhouse.

Representative Roles:

Legitimate Theatre Lyrical Theatre
The Rose Tatoo (Seraphine) Oklahoma (Ado Annie)
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Mae) Mame (Agnes Gooch)
Mad Woman of Chaillot (Gabrielle) The Mikado (Katisha)
Hot'l Baltimore (April) South Pacific (Bloody Mary)
Blythe Spirit (Ruth) Wonderful Town (Ruth)
Legend of Lovers (Mama) The Sound of Music (Sister Berte)
Picnic (Rosemary)

Opera:   Turnau Opera Company, Byrdcliffe Theatre, Woodstock, NY
Turnau Opera Company, Ogunquit Playhouse, Ogunquit, Maine
Turnau Opera Company, Asolo Theatre, Sarasota, Florida
Musical Direction: Warren Wilson and Judith Somoggi

Representative Roles:

La Traviata (Flora)
Barber of Seville (Berthe
Lord Byron's Love Letters (The Duenna)

Little Theatre:Poughkeepsie Promenades, Kingston Coachhouse Players, Performing Arts of Woodstock, Illium Players of Troy
Variety:Nevele Hotel. Lido Spa (Florida), Harbor Island South (florida), Dutchess County Fair, Ulster County Fair,
Bavarian Festival, Woodstock Library Fair, Reno Sweeneys, Grand Finale, The Alternative, Good Times,
The Improvisation, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts (Hechscher Oval)
Radio:Family, WNBC N.Y., Woodstock Weekend, WKNY Kingston, Interview, WEOK Poughkeepsie, Mary Margaret McBride Show
Training:Drama - Columbia University, HB Studios
Dance - Martha Graham, Lowe School, Phil Black
Voice - Leila Livian, Sue Seton
Improvisation - Ruth Parsons
Skills:Swim, Tennis, Bicycle, Shoot Pool, Dialects, Comedy, Voices, Writer-Director (The New York Comedy Ensemble)

Ruthe Warren, at about age 42

Ruthe Warren, at about age 47

Lily & Ruthe Warren, Singing
At the Dutchess County Fair in 1979

Lily's Mom

Dad in tux with Mom

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